I love to write. It’s a true passion of mine. I find that there are several ways to work out the stresses and frustrations of life. Some people work out a lot, some people shop ’til they drop. Others drink. Me? I write. And I write a lot. I love it. It’s a great release for me, but more importantly, I love to hear that people have identified with something I’ve written. A lot of my work ends up in the garbage, after all, I am my harshest of critics. Still, below are some of my works that have been published, and some that are currently going through the publishing phase.


I Know Where I’ve Been: A Year Long Journey of Self-Discovery – My debut book takes readers along with me on a year of traveling the world while I reflect back on my conservative southern upbringing. The book features funny stories and essays from alone the road, as well as experiences from my past that have shaped me into the person I am today. ORDER YOUR COPY HERE!


SelfOffenseMainSelf-Offense – Everyday women and girls around the world are victims of domestic abuse, stalking, physical abuse, and sexual violence. It is often kept a secret. Women feel ashamed or are afraid to talk about it. Our goal is to start conversations about these issues with our film. It is time to stop the secrets and end the shame.

Self Offense is an award winning and seat gripping suspense film about the journey of four women victimized by abuse and violence. Their individual stories are woven together through the self defense course where they meet and gain tools necessary to break the cycle of abuse that has paralyzed them from moving forward. Shot as a suspense film, engaging a broader audience, the message is important and has the power to create dialogue about the issue of violence against women.

The film has screened at The Bare Bones International Film Festival where it was awarded the P.A.I.N award for Best Short Film. Recently the film won Best Short Film at the Louisville International Festival of Film and 2nd Place Best Tennessee Film at the Knoxville Film Festival. Self Offense also screened at The Cape Fear Independent Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Drama and Best Female Director. Additional screenings at the Nashville Film Festival, The Memphis: On Location Film and Music Festival, The Shortz! Film Festival, The Brevard Short Film Festival, The Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival, and No Gloss Film Festival have all been for very receptive audiences. We have upcoming screenings at the The Valley Film Festival, and the Asheville Cinema Festival. The film has been submitted to film festivals internationally. With each festival our film could reach an audience of hundreds.

“Alternately harrowing and moving, you really felt for these poor women…… a well put together reflection on physical and mental abuse and how best to deal with it.” (Sam Cole – Shurl)

“Scenes teaching the women instruction are powerful, teachable moments….. Bravo! To the cast and crew for making this film, despite budget constraints.” (Kimberly Michele Durham-K Chele Music and Entertainment)

JustGrateAwardsJust Grate – Hannah is attending a family picnic that she’s been dreading for the longest time, but the boy of her dreams walks through the gate. Then all bets are off. This irreverent coming of age story was the official selection of the Hollywood Reel Film Festival, a finalist for the Nashville Film Festival Tennessee Shorts Final Cut Event, and is currently making the festival circuit.

First Date – Alice comes home from what she considers the perfect first date. She’s decided she’s already in love with Mark and that she simply must call him. When he doesn’t answer the phone immediately she begins to panic. Does he not love her back? Is he mad at her? Why won’t he call? Alice begins to go a little crazy, and hilarity ensues.

Rumors – When Allison doesn’t show up for the big test, rumors begin to fly about where she is. Did she cheat on the math test? Has she been expelled? Did she die? Did she save an orphanage of children from a burning building and now has to have a kidney transplant? Rumors was written for the Kids On Camera workshop with a cast of 40 kids and 1 adult. The short was made in just 24 hours from start to finish, and premiered at the Nashville Film Festival in 2011.

The Grey Area – This film takes a mean, hard look at bullying. When Beth misses school for a few weeks her classmates feel that she should be punished, and are enraged that she doesn’t have to do any of her school work. They begin to tease her mercilessly and she deals with their bullying until an unsuspecting teacher witnesses the events first hand. This film is moving and will leave you thinking.

Theatre Writing:

Once Upon A Tree (Book) – When a young girl gets pulled into a magical world of failing fairy tale endings, will she be able to prove that there is good in everyone, and that with that good, the magical tree in the center of the town will bear fruit for a struggling village? This musical is lively, adventurous, and hilarious. It features all of your favorite fairy tales, and a score that is beautifully written by the brilliant and talented team of Janet McMahan and David Huntsinger. Full-Length Musical

A Conversation At the Library – What happens when a homeless man comes into the library to escape the bitter cold and sits at a table where a wealthy college student is studying for the LSAT and tries to spark a conversation? This story dives into the separation of the social classes and attempts to break down the stereotypes that often keep us from having lasting friendships. One-Act Drama/Comedy

Open House – Thomas is attempting to sell his first house, but it isn’t going too well, mostly because his overbearing mother who got him the listing is always butting in. Partner that with crazy neighbors, a nurse who can’t keep her hands to herself, and a mysterious string of break-ins, and you’ve got a comedy that will keep you laughing from start to finish. The show takes place in a small southern town, and each character represents a different southern stereotype. The show is fast paced, and in the end presents a story of family togetherness. Full-Length Comedy

At Home for the Holidays – When Sarah and Andrew are forced to choose between spending time with their best friends who have become more like family, and their actual crazy families, they decide to skip Christmas all together and start a new tradition of solitude for the holidays. This doesn’t sit well with Andrew’s paranoid, semi-delusional mother who is convinced this is a government conspiracy and a plot to steal her mind. It also doesn’t sit will with Sarah’s frantic, agoraphobic, obsessive compulsive father, or their “colorful” friends. Sarah and Andrew are the normal ones of the bunch, but that doesn’t exactly mean they’re normal. What happens when you put 10 people with their own issues in a room together for holiday fun? Three find romance, one finds sanity, one finds hope, and at least two find that being At Home for the Holidays isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Full-Length Comedy

Short Stories and Poetry:

Nothing But Thoughts – My first collection of short stories, originally published in 2005. Currently it’s going through revision and will be rereleased with four new stories in the Spring of 2015. Stories include: She Wore A Red Dress, The Last Conversation, Death and the Smell of Roses, Finally He Left, The Intrusion, and When The Rain Stopped. New additions will include: Woman of the Night, Lesson Learned, When It Ends, and Stars.

“The Stick Figure Picture” – Published in 2003, this moving portrayal of September 11th won 7 national awards for poetry, and has been published in three anthologies.

It Doesn’t Have To RhymeThis book of poetry will feature some of my favorite poets that were written at very different times of my life. Some poems were written during school days, others during adulthood. Each poem will also have a short explanation.