Below is a list of projects currently in-development:

Trees, Babies, and Horse $h!t

Make like a tree and leaf. Make like a baby and head out. Make like horse s–t and hit the trail. This book covers my international adventures, as well as looks back on why people ultimately decide to hit the trail. Whether it’s relationships, going off to college, or making your own way in the world, people always leave.


Ever wanted to just get out there and explore? Check out my adventures in cities all over world in season one of ROBERT EXPLORES, featuring episodes in New York, Boston, London, Vienna, and more! Premiering June 1st on Bear World TV, part of the REVRY Network!

#Fail: An In-Depth Look At Internet Marketing Mistakes

What are some of the biggest mistakes marketers encounter when establishing an online presence? What are the appropriate roads to go down when determining your internet marketing strategy? We take a look at the biggest internet marketing mistakes of the past and learn from their mistakes to ensure your business and your marketing plan are fully developed and infallible.

Know Thy Customers: Developing Buyer Personas to Engage Audiences

How do we target our customers? How do we attract the right kind of customers to improve sales and build a stronger business? It’s all in the development of buyer personas to ensure accurate targeting. Through this interactive book, readers will learn how to build buyer personas from the ground up, plus what strategies to implement once you’ve developed the personas.