I’ve always loved being in front of a crowd performing. I’ve been acting since before I can remember. It wasn’t until college that I developed a love for public speaking. Studies say that public speaking is the number one fear of most people. Just behind that is death. That means most people would rather die than speak in public, but I love it. Take a look below at the different topics I speak on and feel free to get in touch with my booking team at bookings@robertmcoles.com to schedule your session!

The Power of Personal Brand Development

It’s more important than ever to establish a personal brand. In the days of social media and instant information, potential employers, clients, and associates can easily find any information they want about you and your story. It’s time to control the message. Developing your personal brand doesn’t have to be a costly, time consuming process. It just takes a commitment to putting your best face forward and ensuring that what you want people to know, they can easily find. This presentation includes details on how to develop a personal web strategy, social media use for the business professional, and brand aspects of the individual. Presentations can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 2+ hours.

Building A Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy

Building a business is difficult work. There’s a lot to think about when making that leap into the great unknown. You’ve got to develop product lines, open up shop, hire employees, manage time, accounting, and resources, but there’s one step you cannot forget: your Digital Marketing Strategy. Starting off with a strong Digital Marketing Strategy is the key to long-term grown. Setting goals, making a schedule, and taking time to implement are all key to finding success. During this interactive session, attendees learn how to identify the best Digital Marketing outlets for their business, develop a strategy, set goals, and follow-through with projects. Presentation can be in the format of a large audience address, or break-out sessions.

Marketing for the Non-Profit

We live in a world with a sea of non-profit organizations. There’s a group for every cause, and they’re all worthy, but only the few that take the time to build a strong marketing plan are the ones that thrive. Most non-profits fizzle out within the first two years because their board of directors and staff are too busy trying to wrangle in donations and help the people, that they forget that non-profits have to be run like a business. You’re in the business of helping others, but it’s a business none-the-less. This workshop focuses on the key struggles most non-profits face in regards to their marketing and public relations strategies. Topics covered include working the board to build a marketing plan, handling public relations (both good, and bad), and working as a team to build a better organization and bring in more funding.

Get to Know Your Audience: Developing Buyer Personas

What good is a business without customers? How does a business succeed without buyers? This workshop dives into the world of getting to know your targeted audience. From the research phase, to creating the people you want to attract, this workshop covers all the steps. The format is interactive and includes participants breaking up into teams with given scenarios to develop buyer personas based on prompts and discussion. This is best as a breakout session and can last anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours.

Navigating the Entertainment Industry: Tips and Tricks from Someone Who’s Been There

The entertainment industry is a tough market to crack. I should know. I’ve been trying for over 20 years. I’ve had my successes and I’ve had my failures, and now I want to pass that knowledge on to you. This presentation covers everything from finding an agent to learning about life on-set. This presentation is in partnership with my 2011 book Now What? Learning Through My Failings and is given to all participants.